Saturday, June 5, 2010

Days to MDI 10K: 7

Um...yikes?  I'm feeling a bit nervous about this, although today's run makes it seem much more possible.

This evening, I ran 5 miles in 1:05:30. 
Okay, I stopped to walk a couple times, but not for long and the first time was solidly beyond the half-way mark.  For comparison, my last run was 4.6 miles and only took about a minute less to do.
It was raining off and on for both runs and I didn't care.  In fact, I enjoyed the rain.
Alan said weeks ago that we'd know that I'd really become a runner when I voluntarily went out in the rain.
I was also honked at by a friend who happened to drive by me on College Ave, and I now have an entire dresser drawer devoted to running clothes.
So, I guess that makes me a runner.

To honor this accomplishment, Alan made me a merit badge:

But I'm still a little nervous about the 10K. 
I'm so glad that lots of family and friends will be there for us.


  1. Alan told me about your 5 miler at church and I came to find you but you looked busy chatting. CONGRATS! Huge accomplishment. Seriously, let me tell you that it is harder to work from 0-5 than it is to keep adding 1 mile at a time from 5 on up to..... infinity!

    You rock. And I loved the marathon post, though my comment to you: "Please tell me there is another reason you are here" made me sound ungrateful and I hope you know I just felt guilty that you had made such an amazing effort to be there! (Wow, 6 times? I must not have seen you on some of those, or else I was really out of it). Thanks again and again and again. I love your merit badge! You have got this 10K in the bag!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement as usual, Emilie. No, no you didn't sound ungrateful at all!! Just maybe a teensy bit weirded out that I followed you across state lines... Alan says if I dye my hair blonde, THEN you should start to worry! 8-)

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  4. Best of luck to you this weekend. You are prepared and ready to go. I love to run in the rain (minus lightning) and I am envious of your merit badge. I still get a little nervous before events - I like to tell myself it is anticipation instead of nerves. Who knows. Can't wait to hear about your 10k adventure and your journey to your half-marathon.

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