Saturday, April 30, 2011

Up And Running

I have to start by apologizing for having taken an unintentional blogging hiatus.  I've been so ridiculously busy, but mostly having fun, and I've composed many partial blog posts in my head, but haven't come close to typing them up and downloading suitable pictures...hence my accidental vacation from the web.  I didn't realize quite how bad I've been until today when I learned that A. Liz in Texas called my mom and asked if I'm all right because--bless her heart--she follows the blog and noticed I'd dropped off the face of the blogosphere! and 2. I tried to log in and couldn't remember my password. And not just for a minute, but completely couldn't come up with it and had to answer my security questions just to get in.
Recent events that should have warrented blog posts (and still might) include:

Me singing and dancing my way through the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s in the Bangor Rotary Show,
me acting in All My Murders (put on by Bangor Community Theatre so that means I helped produce it), 
Alan acting like--and probably wishing he was--a single dad while I was busy playing,
baking cheddar apple scones (yes, Emilie, they're everything you said they'd be),
falling in love with Chocolate Silk,
transitioning to running outside again,
the most convoluted car swap ever: me running 8.57 miles one Saturday as my commute home from a choir retreat and Alan running 10 miles the same day to retrieve the car from where I left it (don't try to make the math work--Alan added in an extra loop),
me running 9.69 miles the following Saturday while spectating the Kenduskeag Stream Race,
Alan running 15 miles (in circles at the Rec Ctr) and subsequently registering for the Maine Marathon (October 2nd),
both of us running our first race of the season (the Healthy High 5k--also the anniversary of my first road race ever),
Easter, and the return of Boy Bunny (watch for a guest post by James. Pester me if it doesn't happen soon.),
a successful Administrative Professionals Week event for my IAAP chapter held yesterday at Hollywood Slots,
Madeline in the 5th & 6th grade Disctrict V Chorus concert just today (with a solo, no less!).

And--oh yeah--we're at 1 WEEK until the Big Lake Half Marathon.  Yikes!

Liz has been reassured, my password is reset, and tomorrow the whole family will be up and running...the Animal Orphanage 5k.

With matching tee-shirts no less.